studio offers you both interior glass design solution, such as decorative panels, custom mirrors and glass dividers, and consulting on any questions and issues related to the glass design. As a small business unit, we have time and opportunity to pay proper attention to your design, and it sets us apart from companies that are engaged in glass decor in addition to the primary activity. Not having enough resources, including personnel, it is difficult to provide quality design works. To make sure - just look at the gallery of completed projects (which includes many, but not all of our work). Many companies turn to us when they need a professional design. Loyal customers who work with us, have benefited from working with us, you are welcome, too!

Our studio offers manufacturing and installation of interior elements, including those which are non-standard. Offering help in the design of the final idea of your project - specific technical solutions, advice on production of constructions, construction related activities and installation of products.

Any glass structures, including (but not limited to):

  •      glass cutting, its processing, tempering, lamination (triplex)
  •      mirror, Clear Vision mirror
  •      aluminum, steel profile, can be painted according to the RAL color catalog
  •      glass partition system (in frames, with Dorma fittings, etc.)
  •      glass handrails for stairs and balconies
  •      glazed windows with or w/o drawing
  •      LED lighting systems
  •      glass signs, signs with LED backlight
  •      mitring constructions (45 degrees compound)
  •      mirrors with backlight 


As well as frosting, patterns, drawings, logo, text and photo transfering to glass or mirror, creating halftone etchings on glass, deep relief engraving, processing bulky items: countertops, sliding door mirrors etc, designing images in any format, designer's help in selecting of a suitable pattern, ornament, pattern, vinyl cutting services.